About Forensic Gameology

Welcome to Forensic Gameology! We review board games, giving you the evidence you need to decide which games are for you. Check out our Youtube channel and our Patreon.


Video reviews in seven minutes or less. Why less than seven minutes? Because whenever Tom or Molly open a review and see that it’s twenty-eight minutes long, they immediately close it. Too impatient. We have to move, people!

Why forensic gameology? Because you need the evidence to make a judgement. We’ll give you that evidence.


Molly, a scientist, taught high school forensic science. Her credentials include being awesome, editing videos, a BS in Biology, and hosting an annual board game charity convention.

Likes: Cooperative, dexterity, and party games, and light Ameritrash and Euros. Deck-building games are a favorite. Bear.

Dislikes: People taking too long on their turns, hidden-identity games, and anxiety-inducing games.




Tom, an artist, works in web development and e-book publishing. His credentials include a chocolately smooth voice, keeping up the website, and attending four game conventions a year.

Likes: Competitive board games, light Euros, light Ameritrash (thematic). Hidden-identity games are a favorite. Bear.

Dislikes: Speed-based dexterity games, or dexterity games in general. Party games.




Review Policy:

We’d love to review your game, so send it on over.

Things of note:

  • We do not guarantee positive reviews or ratings
  • Generally, we play review games several times in order to be accurate
  • We donate review copies to our local charity game conventions (libraries, auctions, and raffles)
  • We do review prototypes, but prefer not to (because we donate the games as mentioned above, so we’d rather donate production copies)
  • We do charge $200 for a Kickstarter preview
  • We need a month from the time we receive a game to make the video

If you’d like to send us a game to review, please e-mail forensicgameology@gmail.com.